Title: “Mercenary Mob”
Genre: Action/Adventure
Logline: A government assassin has a split second decision to make, kill his best friend’s nephew or disobey an order that could lead to his demise.

“Mercenary Mob” is along the lines of “True Lies” and “Eraser.” The story is about a former Marine named Demond who leads a group of government assassins into covert missions. While most government agency like this focus on targets aboard, this group concentrates on criminals at home. They could be anti government activist, high-level untouchable criminals, or even certain hard edge entertainers. When Demond’s next target for assassination is gangster rapper Razor Sharp who happens to be the nephew of his oldest and dearest friend Demond has the biggest decision of his life. Does he remain true to a career he has spent nearly twenty years building or to a friendship that has spanned a lifetime?

Title: “Counsel”
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Logline:Framed for murder an American Icon turns to a sworn enemy to lead his criminal defense.

Synopsis: Fabian Worthy is the American dream. He’s rich, handsome and famous. As one of the nations best selling authors and most recognizable faces on the planet, image is everything. But when Fabian is found in a hotel room with a dead woman his carefully crafted image quickly crumbles. Having to deal with an overbearing media and an angry wife Fabian turns to Todd Van Pelt the local town attorney as his Counsel. Fifteen years earlier Fabian and Todd were college buddies until a big misunderstanding led to the end of their friendship. Now Fabian must trust Todd to lead his defense as he begins the biggest fight of his life. Questions persist however about Todd’s motives for taking the case, is he trying to help an old friend or does he have ulterior motives. In a story filled with twist and turns Counsel explores what happens when ego, greed, betrayal, jealousy, and revenge come together and ignite a flame more combustible than any fuel known to man.   

Title: “Blacksheep”
Written by: Donovin Freeman and Yahya McClain
Genre:  Drama
Logline: The story of Celeste Yvonne Wells a sleek female criminal from the 70’s who plays cat and mouse with a determined FBI agent hell bent on capturing her. 

Synopsis: Miami 1978 was not the Miami we all know today. Before the art deco, the fun in the sun, before it was the beautiful people’s playground, Miami was a training ground, a criminal training ground. If you were a pimp, player, hustler or hoe chances are you crossed paths with one of the most devious and successful criminal minds of the time. Celeste Yvonne Wells grew up hard and fast. If you weren’t with her you were against her. Quickly learning that the only way to make money was to take money she did just that. Starting her criminal career by stealing a few boxes of candy as a mere child, Celeste and her merry band of women take us on a criminal odyssey that spans coast to coast. With all of her “good fortune” a price must be paid and Celeste pays that price with several stints in prison. Undeterred, once released she vows that this time she won’t get caught. The best laid plans don’t always work out however and no matter how close Celeste gets to her goal something or someone always impedes her progress. With an overbearing and abusive father, a soft spoken mother and a constant cast of characters coming in and out of Celeste’s life we realize that her strength lies within.

Title: “Illegal Procedure” 

Logline: A superstar football player who faked his death to avoid a murder rap must out wit his new neighbor an  investigate reporter with a good memory.  

“Illegal Procedure” is written along the lines of films such as  “True Crime” and “The Fugitive.” The story is about a superstar football player named Andre Brown who kills two men in a fit of rage hours after the team’s championship game. In mid air while flying home after being granted bond Andre gets the shock of his life when bond is revoked. Desperate and not wanting to go prison Andre must figure out how to get off of a plane in mid air then blend in inconspicuously in a society where his face is plastered on magazine covers, billboards, and television screens across America. Miraculously all ends well or so Andre thinks, that is until a former investigative reporter named John moves next door and slowly begins unraveling the true identity of the current Mr. Andre Jackson.

Title: Daddy’s Maybe
Genre: Urban Drama
Synopsis: Eric Watson is a father, a husband and a successful songwriter.  Having crafted several number 1 songs one of which won a Grammy for song of the year and an Oscar for best song in a movie life couldn’t be better.  Until one day during a youth basketball game his son Brian collapses. Learning that his son needs a kidney he and his wife Roberta immediately take the test to see if either is a match. To Eric’s surprise not only is he not a match but he isn’t Brian’s father. Devastated Eric must now deal with a sick son, a marriage on the rocks, and an old friend Todd whose career he helped start that might have betrayed him in the worst way.

Title: Aroma Therapy
Story by 
Yahya McClain
Screenplay by Yahya McClain & Donovin Freeman
Logline:  A man traumatized by his fiancée’s aroma seeks help from a dim-witted therapist who becomes more of the problem than the solution.

Synopsis: Albert is rich, handsome, successful, in love, and engaged to be married Becky the love of his life.  Things couldn’t be better. Or so he thought.  When Albert stumbles in on his beloved Becky in bed with another man, of all things, a black midget, the humiliation and shock forces Albert to rush, out of his house into the street, and into the direct path of an on coming truck. For weeks Albert hovers nears death. After months of painful rehabilitation Albert hopes to get his life back to normal. Everything is going well or it seems? Even though all of Albert’s physical scars have healed, the emotional scars are deep with in him. Twice Albert happens to smell a woman wearing Chanel NO. 5 the fragrance Becky was wearing that fateful day. Both times he loses it. No woman is safe to Albert’s verbal assault, young, old, rich, and poor, black, white. Albert enlists Dr. Marc Long, an unorthodox therapist to help him. Dr. Long’s “therapy” leads Albert into not- so-normal situations of wild parties, group sex, partner swapping, and debaucheries that would make the Romans envious. It’s an explosive mixture: a lonely heartbroken patient trying to get his life back together; a deranged, unscrupulous therapist; and a horny black midget.  On his way to recovery Albert encounters scores of women of the night and a rich lonely old woman who teaches Albert what love is all about. And did we mention an alcoholic preacher that delivers a wedding sermon that won’t be soon forgotten. Followed by a wedding singer that gives the bride and groom a performance they will be talking about for years.

Title: Shadows from Our Past
Genre: love story/drama
Logline:  A loving couple desperate to have a family decides to adopt a child, but a questionable past could expose secrets neither want revealed.

“Shadows from Our Past” is written along the lines of “Losing Isiah” and “Philadelphia.” The story centers on Chad and Rachel Peterson who are the perfect couple. He’s one of the top ad executives in his firm and she owns one of the trendiest fashion boutiques in Atlanta. While they have many of the finer things in life there is one thing they can’t have for themselves, a child. Since the only option they have is adoption, they purse it and win custody of a beautiful little girl named Megan. When the adoption agency finds out that they left off the fact that they both are HIV positive on their application, they revoke custody of Megan. Chad and Rachel say they left it off for fear of discrimination by the agency, the agency says they would’ve carefully looked at their application even though they were both positive and only revoked custody because the Peterson’s had deceived them on the application. With a system hell bent against them, the Peterson’s have only one recourse, a lawsuit. They quickly realize however that their love for each other will be tested to the fullest by an unrelenting media, a divided public.

Title: The Last Day of Summer
Genre:  American Tragedy
Logline: Why do bad things happen to good  people?

David Anderson is one of the brightest up and coming young authors in America. His first novel has guaranteed best seller written all over it. He has a beautiful girlfriend and a loving family. After years of hard work his dreams are finally about to come true. That is until a series of headaches produces an unthinkable diagnosis, inoperable brain cancer. Now David must come to grips with his last few days on earth while trying to remain the heart and soul of a family that refuses to give up hope that his passing is inevitable.

Title: Three Times a Baby
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Logline: A Senator dogged by scandal commits the ultimate fax pas. What happens when you combine a snoopy reporter, a confirmed womanizer, and three pregnant women.  A young man finds out that money and prestige don’t always transcend into responsibility.

Julian Winslow is smart, successful, good looking and charming. He gained a great reputation as one of the city’s top attorney’s which led to a seat in the State Senate. While Julian has accomplished many things in his professional life, constant rumors of his womanizing have always followed him. Julian attributes the rumors to political opponents and local media, but when three women he was dating turn up pregnant and threaten to expose him to the media in the middle of a heated campaign for re-election, he knows he’s in trouble. In exchange for their silence, Julian lets the women move into his mansion. Once there, they proceed to turn his once proud bachelor lifestyle into a living hell. Now Julian must deal with three pregnant woman, the hassles of a re-election campaign and a snoopy reporter who is determined to expose his improprieties.

Title: Red Oak
Written and Created by:           Donovin Freeman
Genre:                                               Dramatic Television Series
Episodes Completed:                25      Two seasons

Logline: An edgy, explosive, and thought provoking character-driven drama set in the musical hot bed of Atlanta, focusing on three families dealing with love, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

Red Oak is a dramatic television series about middle class black people. Based in the musical hot bed of Atlanta, Red Oak centers around three families; The Hartwell’s, The Parkers and The Blacks and the everyday trials and tribulations they face. With the constant array of characters coming in and out of their lives, the stories are sure to intrigue and captivate the audience. Red Oak is a series based on reality; there are no cookie cutter endings, and no problems quickly wrapped up in fifty minutes. It deals with the complex thing we call life. Red Oak examines many issues that are dealt with in the black communities but in an honest way that has never been shown in a dramatic situation centered around middle class blacks. Edgy, explosive, thought provoking and painfully real, Red Oak will be a ground breaking series that shows the family structure is still in place in many black communities. Red Oak will do for the middle class black what The Sopranos did for the Italian American; it will let you into a segment of life many know nothing about. It will show you our hopes, our dreams, our fears and sometimes our nightmares.